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November 28 Mission Lesson: Christian Faith November 28 Mission Lesson: Christian Faith

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November 28 Mission Lesson: Christian Faith

Posted on Fri, Nov 26, 2004

The Women’s Mission meets the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM.  This section contains the weekly lessons taken from the Woman’s Home & Foreign Mission Society 2004 Guide and Program Book.  Lessons are added each week for you to study in preparation for the meetings.
November 28 Mission Lesson: Christian Faith
Scripture: Hebrews 11
 Faith is the hope of things to come and is necessary in order to have a good relationship with God.  It is confidence in the trustworthiness of God.  In spiritual matters, faith precedes understanding.  We cannot see air, gas, or molecules, but we know they exist.  As Christians we need the same faith in God – faith that the unseen, spiritual blessings of Christianity are real.
 Some Christians believe that the number of good deeds they perform will gain them favor in the sight of God.  Only your faith in Jim can do that.  Without faith we cannot earnestly live by His commandments.  Our efforts may be beneficial, but the motivations behind them are misguided.  Like oil and water, they don’t mix.
 The story of Sarah is a perfect example of faith in the Lord God.  God promised Sarah she would give birth to a child, and even after she was well beyond her childbearing years, her faith remained unwavering.  Sarah and Abraham were blessed with their son Isaac.
 When we walk in the spirit of full Christian faith, we know without a doubt that God will fulfill His promises to us.  And we accept that although God’s promises may not come when we want them to, they’re always on time.
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