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October 17 Mission Lesson: The Golden Rule

Posted on Thu, Oct 14, 2004

The Women’s Mission meets the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM.  This section contains the weekly lessons taken from the Woman’s Home & Foreign Mission Society 2004 Guide and Program Book.  Lessons are added each week for you to study in preparation for the meetings.
October 17 Mission Lesson: The Golden Rule
Scripture: Matthew 7:12
 The Golden Rule is based upon reciprocal relationships.  It calls upon us to treat others as w would have them treat us.  Since the Father is good to us, we should imitate Him in showing goodness and kindness to others.
 As missionaries we walk in the spirit of the Golden Rule.  We know that Christianity is not simply a matter of abstinence from sin; it is positive goodness.  If you’re not sure whether the actions you display are beneficial to others, ask whether you would want to receive those actions.  Since most of us expect to receive kindness, honesty, and love, doesn’t it make sense that would livingly give the same?
You may post questions or comments on the website and our Mission President, Sister Joyce Mitchell, will respond online as quickly as possible. Or you can send an email to Pastor Williams at and he will respond.
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