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October 17 Sermon: Arise, Get Up and Eat October 17 Sermon: Arise, Get Up and Eat

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October 17 Sermon: Arise, Get Up and Eat

Posted on Thu, Oct 21, 2004

October 17 Sermon: Arise, Get Up And Eat
Scripture:  1 King 19: 1-8
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 Not only do we need to take a drink of water, we need to learn to eat.  You need food to survive; you need nutrients, proteins to give you strength to keep on going.  No matter what you have gone through during the week, on Sunday morning God is standing on the porch saying ďCome on in and get something to eatĒ.
 You try to do everything right but thereís a Jezebel still staring you in the face.  Sometimes you just want to give up.  What brought Isaiah to this point?
 Do you know who Jezebel is?  Sheís not that woman in long ear rings or high heels or a short dress.  Sheís that boss that wont treat you right, that neighbor that wont stay our of your business.  When you are spiritually and physically tired is when you make your greatest mistakes.
 Isaiah allowed Jezebel to isolate him from his friends.  Thatís the greatest trick of Satan Ė to convince you that you can handle your problems by yourself.  You donít need nobody to pray for you.  You donít need to talk to talk to.  Donít allow Jezebel to isolate you from your family, your friends or your fellowship.  You need your friends and they need you.  Every once in a while you canít make it on your own.
 Thereís an angel in verses 5 and 8 that was in his desert that served him some food.  He told him to rise up and eat.  Thereís an angel ready to come to your rescue.  Not to feed you like at Lubyís, but he will serve you what you need.  What God has is exactly what you need.  Thereís a greater I AM, The Lily of the Valley, some Jesus on the plate.
 The journey is still great.  Down the road is another blessing for you.  Donít wallow in your pain, get up!  Donít wallow in your situation, get up and eat.  God is a good God.  Heíll make a way out of now way.
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