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October 23, 2005 Sermon: Double For Your Trouble

Posted on Fri, Oct 28, 2005

October 23, 2005 Sermon: Double For Your Trouble
Scripture:  Job 42: 1-12
Sermon delivered by Pastor Fred Williams
For all that Job went through, in the end he received double for his trouble.  He lost his family, friends, cattle Ė all the things Job had to endure, he received double for his trouble. 
One thing about God, He is in the blessing business.  He might not give you double, He might give you triple.  You have been taught all you life to not question God.  But you find yourself asking sometimes ďwhy do bad things happen to godly people?Ē  People that come to church every Sunday, people that try to do the right things, but they still have hell in their homes.  What you need to understand is God is trying to take some stuff out of you so He can bless you.
Some of you are going through trouble because you are not living right.  God knew Job was ready for the test.  Look in Chapter 1 and you will see Satan going to and fro trying to find someone.  He knew he could not touch Job.  Are you ready to walk away from some of the people in your life?  Can you pass the test?  One reason you canít pass the test is because you are in your mess. 
Isnít it a shame many of us have been coming to church all our lives, sit in the pews every Sunday and still donít get it.  God is God and besides him there is no other.  You need to recognize who God is.  When we see a preacher stumble, many of you think God will fail.  But God is greater than that.  Not only do you need to recognize God, but you need to see who you are. 
Stop concentrating on your trouble and just tell God you want double for your troubles.  Job repented and forgave his friends for what they did to him.  God gave him twice what he had lost.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.  Iím ready to do everything I know to do.  I want double.  I want all I can.  Hold on, be strong, donít give up.
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