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October 31 Sermon: Somebody Is Watching You October 31 Sermon: Somebody Is Watching You

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October 31 Sermon: Somebody Is Watching You

Posted on Sun, Oct 31, 2004

October 31 Sermon:  Somebody Is Watching You
Scripture:  Daniel 6:10-12
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 Be careful where you go, be careful what you say, somebody is watching you.  From your children to your husband to the camera on the telephone pole to the camera at your ATM machine to the camera up and down the aisles of Wal-Mart while you are shopping, even down to the private detectives.  You are not fooling anybody, even when you get home at 2 oíclock in the morning, somebody is watching you. 
 Daniel had an audience in our text.  He had an assembly of men below his window listening to him pray every day.  Do you think Daniel cared?  He still faced Jerusalem three times a day to pray.
 Daniel was a peculiar man in a strange land.  Whenever you decide to live your life for Christ, you are peculiar and people will watch you.  They snooped and looked for fault in Danielís life but the scripture say they found no fault.  I wonder what the private detectives would find out in your life.  They found Daniel lifting up the name of the Lord just like a private detective ought to find you doing.
 When Daniel heard the news that a law had been passed that anyone caught praying was going to be cast in the den of lions, he went on praying to his Lord as always.  Daniel did not change his practice, his position nor his prayer life.  Daniel was humble in his prayer.  You have got to have a routine of talking to the Lord.  You ought to be talking to God every day.  Just because they are watching should not make you change your position.
 Satan is trying to intimidate you.  He understands when you pray thereís power in your life.  When prayer has fixed you, the lions canít harm you.
 Daniel remembered what happened to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.  He was just a young boy but he remembered when they were thrown in the fiery furnace and came out unhurt.
 You ought to pray when they are looking and when they are not looking.  When hell is all around you, you ought to pray.  Watch God make a way out of no way.  Watch God heal your body.  Wave your hand anyhow, jump for joy anyhow.
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