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September 12 Sermon: He Came To Himself

Posted on Sun, Sep 12, 2004

September 12 Sermon:  He Came To Himself
Scripture:  Luke 15:14-17
Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams
 God understands that there are those in the world that are not ready to come back home.  No matter how much love you give them, they will continue to reject God until they come to their senses.  I donít understand why people prefer to live against the Will of God, why they choose to be a slave for Satan instead of God.  Thereís not much we can do except pray that they come to themselves.
 Be careful how you leave home.  Be careful how you burn bridges because the same bridge that takes you away might be the same bridge you need to cross to get back home.
 The son in our text, the prodigal son, found himself broke and a famine came in the land.  God has a way of knocking you down and getting your attention.  You can have problems coming from the left and the right.  Have you ever found yourself in a famine and didnít know which way to turn?  This son took an honest look at himself.  God canít help us unless you take an honest look at yourself and your condition.  When you walk with the Father, He treats you like a king.
 If you have a wayward son, daughter or friend, just pray that they come to themselves.  Pray that they realize God is able, He has food for them.  Pray that they realize they have better things at home and pray that they will come home to God.
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