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September 26 Sermon:  He Made It Again September 26 Sermon: He Made It Again

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September 26 Sermon: He Made It Again

Posted on Mon, Sep 27, 2004

September 26 Sermon:  He Made It Again
Scripture:  Jeremiah 18: 1-6
Sermon delivered by Asst. Pastor Rev. Porter
 Out of the molding of the clay by the potter, God had a message for the children of Israel and a message for us today.  The potter is God and the clay is you and I.  Clay all by itself is worthless.  You may have on good clothes, looking good, and smelling good but just like the clay; we are as worthless as a lump of raw clay.
 Jeremiah notices something about the vessel that the potter made – it was marred.  Instead of the potter throwing away the vessel, he kept it to work on it.  That’s just like God.  We may have some bad in us, flaws and faults, but God is saying “give it to me”.  When God gets a marred vessel, something happens.  He has to take out the pride, the lying, the gossip, the cheating.  He has to break us so He can use us.  You used to not pray but God will break you and make you stay on your knees.  He will put some new things inside of you: some righteousness, some holiness trying to make you look more like Jesus so you can work in joy and long suffering.  After He molds you, He’s ready to use you to carry His gospel.
 We need to yield to God and ask him to mold us and use us as his servants to tell a dying world about His Son.
 Have thine own way, thou art the potter and I am the clay, shape me, mol me, use me.  Sometimes He takes you through trials and tribulations before you can be used by God.
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