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Sermon March 21:  The Same Crowd Sermon March 21: The Same Crowd

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Sermon March 21: The Same Crowd

Posted on Sun, Mar 21, 2004

Sermon March 21:  The Same Crowd

Scripture:  Matthew 21:9-11; Matthew 27:21-22

Sermon delivered by Pastor Williams


            Today we see Jesus’ ministry coming to a conclusion.  The people in the crowd were excited as He came through riding on the donkey.  They were taking off their coats and throwing them in the streets for Jesus to ride over and crying “Hosanna, King of Kings”.  Some of us need to take something off so we can lift up the name of Jesus.  Whatever it is, throw it at the feet of Jesus.  The same crowd that was shouting and throwing things at Jesus feet was just seven short days later shouting “crucify Him”.  Bear in mind – the crowd changed, not Jesus!  Amazing how people change on you. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more. 

            Why did the crown turn on Jesus?  Because Jesus exposed the sin in the crowd.  He went to the temple where they were selling things there in the temple.  Instead of Jesus turning His head like the priests and the Levites, He turned over the tables and refused to go along with the crowd.  Not only did He expose the sin, but He wouldn’t go along with it.

            Study the make up of the crowd.  Some folks want to tear you down.  A lot of the followers didn’t love Jesus.  Some were there to get a report for others.  There are always haters in the crowd, they don’t want to see you progress and always starting hell and confusion.  Everyone you hang with doesn’t mean you good.  But that’s okay; just say that “God is ready to lift me up”. 

            Stand on what is right – GOD’S WORD!  Be careful how you form your life around crowds.  Some folks just want you to go along with the situation.  Stand on the promises of the Lord.  When you don’t go along with sin, God will raise you above the crowd.

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