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New Hope Missionary Baptist Church New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

About New Hope Missionary Baptist Church About New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

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CANTON, TX 75103
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Church History

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church was organized on February 26, 1918 by Rev. W. J. Johnson.  The location of worship was on the corner of Highway 19 and Highway 64.  Pastoral days were the first and third Sundays of each month.

On November 21, 1932, the church moved from the corner of Highway 19 and Highway 64 to land purchased from Rich Ross.  Here, a long one-room frame building was erected.  This move was made for the convenience of the members who lived in the area now called Wynne Community.  Rev. Moorehead was the pastor.

By faith, the land was purchased in the location where the church building stands today.  On February 26, 1959, the existing sanctuary was purchased from the Church of Christ of Canton under the pastorate of Rev. F. M. Dews.  The choir stand, Pastor's study, and choir room were added and completed on April 16, 1961.  The fellowship hall was added later.

Under the leadership of many leaders:  Rev. W. H. Johnson, Rev. Wiley Williams, Rev. Moorehead, Rev. Neal, Rev. Lydie, Rev. Bryant, Rev. Houston, Rev. Brown, Rev. R. B. Sanford, Rev. R. L. Lemons, Rev. Burres, Rev. Dawson, Rev. F. M. Dews and Rev. Fred Williams, Jr.  Each pastor served well and won souls for Christ.  The Rev. F. M. Dews, a great orator, served the New Hope Church for 33 years (1959-1992).

 Please join us in welcoming our current Pastor, Rev. Rodney Petty, Jr. of Lancaster, Texas. After several months of praying, seeking God's face and patiently waiting upon the Lord, He sent Pastor Petty to administer to His flock on March 31, 2019. God is faithful and answers the prayers of His people!

To God Be the Glory!