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January 16 Sermon:  Giving Thanks Unto The Lord January 16 Sermon: Giving Thanks Unto The Lord

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January 16 Sermon: Giving Thanks Unto The Lord

Posted on Sun, Jan 16, 2005

January 16 Sermon:  Giving Thanks Unto The Lord
Scripture:  Psalms 100:4
Sermon delivered by Rev. Evan Jones, Pastor of Shady Missionary Baptist Church
 in Houston, Texas
 I found out in dealing with people that some of us donít thank the Lord enough.  I canít understand how we can come into Godís house and act like He hasnít done anything for us.  Somebody didnít even thank Him for waking them up this morning.  Some of us sat down and ate and didnít thank Him for the food.
 In Jerusalem they had to enter into some gates before they could get into the main part.  Sometimes we complain about this and that.  If we would just look at some of the things going on in other countries, we would see how much we should be thankful for.  If we have Jesus, we should have enough.  We should be thankful to Him and bless His name.  If everybody in here this morning would thank Him, there would be a racket in here instead of acting like we have been sucking lemons all night.
 I have sense enough to know that it was Godís love and mercy that brought me this far.  Sometimes when I come before Godís presence, I like to sing Amazing Grace; I Love The Lord Because He heard My cry and Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah.  We ought to know that the Lord is God and is God all by himself.
 God is with us and for us.  We are the sheep of his pasture.  He keeps us from all hurt, harm and danger.  The Lord is omnipresent because heís every where at the same time.  Heís omnipotent because he has all power and can do all things.  Heís omnipotence because he knows all.
 Iím glad God is God because there are people that are one thing in the church today and something else tomorrow.  God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
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